Mind Works International

To develop a ‘young’ stream of dreamers, innovators and leaders who are enthusiastic about turning their entrepreneurial ideas into realties.

About us

Mind Works International works closely with children between the ages 08 to 20 for developing entrepreneurial abilities in them. The flagship programme runs nationwide and focuses on the concepts of social innovation, solving societal problems in lieu of the UN-SDGs, and invoking the spirit of entrepreneurship in young minds. As part of the cohorts, we have developed an interactive curriculum that involves individuals to empathize, communicate, develop, destruct and construct ideas into realities. The cohorts are held on a regular basis and include participation from marginalized and non-marginalized groups.

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What we do

Enterprise Development

Build entrepreneurial capacity of young adults
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Young Entrepreneurs Movement

Community building for future entrepreneurs
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Financial Literacy

Build financial acumen in young adults
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Our Team

Noorulain Zafer

CEO & Founder

Furqan Qureshi

Industry Expert

Maryem Imran

Communications Expert

Malik Mirza

Financial Expert

Kholah Y Malik

Academia Expert


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